A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

Do you know one of those books which, upon coming to the end, you would close it gently, lay it on your chest, and let out a sigh containing a mix of satisfaction and sorrow that you have finished it? Well, this is definitely one.


Ove is a grouchy old man as the author made clear from the very first page, and having personally been accused of being Oscar (from Sesame Street), I feel for him immediately. But even if you have not been described as being one, I'm sure you have known someone who's perpetually cranky, and the strength of the author's characterisation makes Ove come to life. You *will* like Ove, especially after you get to know him as a person. The descriptions of Ove's grumpiness is so pinpoint that it frequently brought wry smiles to me. At the same time, the writing is just *so* emotive; only now do I know how much feeling can go into the decision of the choice of car to purchase.


I really can't do justice to this book; there are so many parts that even now leaves me speechless. I can only say that if I am going to be a cranky old man, let me be Ove.


*still in awe*